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For many of you, mobile-pocket’s design had a bit of a retro look and you called for a newer, fresher redesign. Taking different user groups into account we have given mobile-pocket the new looks you have been asking for.

1) Bigger card images

With the new update we have heard your request for bigger card images in the app. They are a true eye-catcher now and are much easier to spot since you only have four cards on your app screen now. Swipe to the left to display more cards.

2) Clearer Layout

Are four cards on the screen too few and you don’t like swiping to the left? With just one click on the “search“ icon, you can see all your cards at a glance if you prefer to keep all your cards in a single overview.

3) Better barcode recognition

We haven’t just worked on the looks of mobile-pocket but also its functionalities in the background. We have improved the barcode scanner which can also read GS1 DataBar barcodes now like the one in the picture below:



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