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We are retiring our Windows Phone App

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Unfortunately, our Windows Phone app will no longer be supported beginning 25th of May 2018.

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What if I will start using mobile-pocket on an Android or iOS device?

Moving forward, you’ll be able to use your “account” also on iOS and Android devices. Just download mobile-pocket for iOS or Android, and sign in using the same account credentials (mobile-pocket email account, Facebook account or Google account) as on Windows Phone. If you have questions or need assistance send us a mail: help(at)

What in the case I didn’t use the “account” function on Windows Phone?

You can still use mobile-pocket with your existing card set, but adding, changing or deleting cards will no longer be possible. If you plan to uninstall the app, please make sure to write down your card numbers if you don’t have all the plastic cards anymore. Also, if you encounter any problems, make sure to get in touch with our support: help(at)

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