Gifts after Christmas

With mobile-pocket, Christmas lasts longer and all mobile-pocket users have a second handing out of presents. And we are seriously excited about this!

NOTE: After Christmas is before Christmas ;)

Our iPhone and Android users have a reason to celebrate as there are many news:


The iOS version with the number 2.4.1 includes

iPhone 5 Support

(And as we not have been born yesterday, we keep the new iPhone 5S/6 in mind about that rumors are in circulation.)

Redesign with more animation

Ultra chic outfit with animations in light grey and bright orange, without too much Chichi – we hope you enjoy it!

Passbook support for deals and coupons

Alphabetical sorting of cards

Cards suggestions

You have a card and would like to see it in the app? With just one click you can send us now your card suggestion.

mobile-pocket und Passbook für Gutscheine

The current version 3.2.0 for Android is now available in the Play Store. It’s the superhero of all previous Android versions – convince yourself:

Android now has a card widget!

Cards can now be set as a widget on the home screen. In addition, the number of all offers will be displayed.

Coupies integration

Alphabetical sorting

XHDPI devices are supported

XHD what? You don’t have to remember this, but Nexus 7 users will be pleased.


So, that’s enough from our side, now it’s your turn! Download, test and evaluate. Thank you in advance.