iOS 4.8.0

A French saying goes like this: “The time lost can never be caught again.” We live and work according to this motto. So we came up with some great features for the iOS update 4.8.0, that saves some of your precious time:


New barcode-scanner

Due to the integration of a new barcode-scanner, we were not only able to solve some scanning-issues, but also could improve the speed and the overall user experience of mobile-pocket. Just try it out and convince yourself! :)


Top 20 cards

When creating a new card, a top 20 list of the frequently most saved cards will be displayed. So you’re not only saving time while adding a new card, but you can also see at one glance which other cards you could add.


To all Android users: Please don’t be sad. These features will be available for you too and are expected to be released with Android update 4.9.0! :)


The version 4.8.0 can be downloaded here

iOS 4.8.0