mobile-pocket supports Apple Watch!

Several of you will be as pleased as Punch: mobile-pocket now supports Apple Watch! From now on, your watch will simplify your (shopping) life: you’ve got all aces – errrm cards – up your sleeve and you can earn your loyalty points with the flick of your wrist!

Bring mobile-pocket onto your Apple Watch – in only 3 steps:

1. Create cards

Download mobile-pocket for free from the Apple App Store and digitalize all your loyalty cards by choosing your desired card and scanning its barcode.

Add cards to mobile-pocket

2. Synchronize

Simply synchronize mobile-pocket with your Apple Watch. Now you’re ready to use your loyalty cards on your watch.

Apple Watch Card Overview US

3. Use

At the checkout, easily open mobile-pocket, select the desired card and show the barcode to the cashier’s scanner.


Finished! :)