mobile-pocket with new look and passcode

I don’t like it when someone is digging into my purse or when someone is looking through documents on my desk. I don’t like it, when someone is looking into my smartphone, either. I bet you don’t like that as well. That is why we have now implemented a passcode and made mobile-pocket even safer. The function can be found via the menu item „Options“. The PIN code can be freely selected and changed at any time. Additionally, you can allow the app to delete all data after 10 failed access attempts. But do not worry – if the Account-Function is activated, you can sync your cards again.

code lock

As we have re-launched our website in a fresh look in spring, the app got a new outfit, too. The general style is still the same but details are standing out: A uniform look on all platforms, larger images in the offers-tab and many finely incorporated elements. We hope that you like the new look and that you adorn your smartphone with an update.