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Snackbar: Gimme the c…ards

What sounds like a dream come true to every foodie, is a small android feature that will sadly not satisfy your sugar cravings but help you restore recently and accidentally deleted cards. You can see how this feature works in the marvelous infinite loop below. If you are brave and do not fear the adventure […]

mobile-pocket supports Apple Watch!

Several of you will be as pleased as Punch: mobile-pocket now supports Apple Watch! From now on, your watch will simplify your (shopping) life: you’ve got all aces – errrm cards – up your sleeve and you can earn your loyalty points with the flick of your wrist! Bring mobile-pocket onto your Apple Watch – […]

mobile-pocket App Review in THE LOWDOWN

“Leave the loyalty cards at home and use your phone instead, with this handy app.” THE LOWDOWN sums it up perfectly, what mobile-pocket is about. Thanks for the great review! You can read the whole article here.