The symbiosis to success: Passbook hand in hand with mobile-pocket

It is absolutely unnecessary: The feeling that catches you when flight tickets, concerts tickets or vouchers are not there, where you have looked for.

Hectic rush, accelerated pulse and the first drops of sweat itch in the corner of your eye, when there is a growing number of evidences. Sh…, the ticket is gone. What now?

All iPhone users with iOS 6 can now wake up from this nightmare. Currently, life is easier for them than for other smartphone users.

Keyword: Passbook.

Apple has launched the Passbook app together with the latest operating system iOS 6.

Passbook is a smart solution for loading tickets (for example for flights and events) and vouchers onto the smartphone – from the coffee shop, the cleaning shop or the supermarket. Once the ticket is on the phone, it can be used even without internet connection.

Sounds good, but it’s not that special at the moment, is it?


What Passbook makes unique are – with the help of suitable partners – the various integration options. Whether via app, mail or web link – Passbook offers many variations to simplify the use of tickets and vouchers for customers. Via web link, already uploaded tickets can be updated very quickly. Let’s take flight tickets as an example: Flight time or gate are automatically adjusted to changes.

Even location-based services are integrated: Passbook will tell me when I’m near a redeemable voucher. Consciously, I am able to decide if I want to redeem my café latte voucher now or perhaps during my next stroll through the city.

Sounds like a fairy tale from 1001 nights? Yes, but that was not even THE sensation. With lightning speed and as one of the first German speaking companies, bluesource succeeded in connecting mobile-pocket with passbook.

Dear iPhone users, you can now integrate and use all your mobile-pocket deals and coupons in Passbook. This is GREAT, because this allows you to really take advantage of Passbook in everyday life.

We are proud that we as „innovation aficionados“ have once again succeeded in being faster than our competitors and in offering a solution that currently cannot be found anywhere else.

The best is to try this innovation and to let us know, what you think of it.