WP8 4.3.0

A riddle? A code? A secure password? No, the new Windows Phone 8 version! The following features are included:

• 2D barcode support (QR-Code/Datamatrix)
Finally it’s here, so you don’t have to carry cards with 2D codes in your purse anymore!

• French, Dutch and Hungarian
For those who call these languages ​​ their mother tongue. For those who call them their second-, third-, fourth- or whatever-language. For those who like “learning by doing”, even when it comes to languages. Of course it’s also for those who like to tease friends by changing the language on their smartphone. J

• Improved performance and bug fixes
Faster and better.

Windows Phone 8 version 4.3.0

For all Windows Phone 7 users: Of course, the latest version 7.1 is still available!

Have fun with the new version!