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For you

The free loyalty card app mobile-pocket allows you to load all your loyalty cards onto your smartphone.

mobile-pocket: digital loyalty cards and offers

If something can't be found on a Smartphone, it's simply "non-existent".

Smartphones have changed not only customer behaviour but also the typical business processes of stationary retailers. Digital loyalty cards and offers have thus become a fixed part of customer loyalty.

mobile-pocket pools bonus, club, member and loyalty cards as well as offers, coupons and loyalty bonuses in just one app. And you as brand, merchant or wallet operator can benefit thereof.

mobile-pocket icon for Brands and Merchants

For Brands & Merchants

Consumers are seeking a closer relationship to their favored brands and merchants. mobile-pocket's services make customer loyalty and acquisition easier.

mobile-pocket icon for Wallet Operators

For Wallet Operators

mobile-pockets' digital loyalty cards and offers not only enrich your payment solution, they also enable you connecting consumers with brands & merchants.

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