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Colourful diversity for Pride Month

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We don't want to see the world only in orange and white. Because mobile-pocket is open-minded, without prejudices and there for everyone. That's why our popular loyalty card app not only has many unique features for many unique users, but also presents itself to the outside world in a colourful diversity.

The colours of the rainbow

Do you know the feeling of wanting to break out of your usual patterns? We feel the same way. That's why we want to celebrate the colourful diversity of life together with you and let our icon shine in rainbow colours for Pride Month.

For all iOS users who like it less colourful, we still have a wide choice of six icon variants and our orange and white original. Those who would like to see the mobile-pocket app icon shine brightly can choose "White" or "Neutral". Those who prefer it dark simply opt for "Black" or "Inverted". Would you rather have that summery holiday feeling directly on your screen? Then we recommend the "Sunset" variant.

The easy way to a new style

As you can see, mobile-pocket is really versatile and colourful. We hope you can make up your mind with so much choice ;) The harder the decision, the easier it is to change the app icon. In the mobile-pocket app, go to Settings at the top left and select "App Icon". Now you have a whole selection of icons in front of you, and all you have to do is tap on one of them and it will appear in a new style. If you need help or have feedback for us, please contact us directly in the app via the chat in the "Help" area (you can find it under "Settings"). We hope you enjoy our versatile and colourful app.


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