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Every now and then you just feel like something different, something new, in a different colour. mobile-pocket makes it possible: the app icon of our popular loyalty card app is now available not only in the original orange and white, but in seven other variations. One of them is especially for Easter. 

7 variants and 1 original

iOS users now have a choice: the mobile-pocket app icon is available in "white" for those who like it light. For dark lovers, the icon is available in "black" or "inverted". The "sunset" variant is for those who fall into rapture when they see a sunset. Just as with the original, you can't go wrong with the "Neutral" variant. It gets really colourful with the "Rainbow" icon variant and then there is - especially for Easter - a special variant. Pretty cute. 

We hope you enjoy the many new possibilities. And to all Android users: Don't be sad that you can't choose. After all, the original mobile-pocket app icon can't be compared to anything else ;) 

Off to the settings

To change the app icon, go to Settings in the top left corner of the mobile-pocket app and select "App Icon". Make your decision and there you go. Happy Easter and happy choosing and trying out. If you need help or have feedback for us, get in touch in the app via the chat in the "Help" area (in the "Settings").


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