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Faster than Santa allows: Transferring your loyalty cards to your new smartphone



Receiving a smartphone for Christmas from Santa (or his helpers) always brings joy. However, setting up the new phone and all the apps as they were on the old one takes some time. Apart from one exception: mobile-pocket. "Transferring" your cards from the old smartphone to the new one is faster than Santa allows.

It only takes a sign up:

One thing right off the bat: "taking" your plastic cards from your purse to another one takes much longer than "taking" them within mobile-pocket from the old smartphone to the new one. Why? Read down below. 

You can count on the account

Everyone that has already registered a mobile-pocket account only needs to download mobile-pocket (from the App Store, Google Play Store or App Gallery) and log into the app with their credentials on the new smartphone. That's all it takes. Your loyalty cards, offers, discounts and coupons are available on your smartphone right away.

No account? No problem

If you're going to receive a new smartphone for Christmas but haven't signed up a mobile-pocket account have no reason to worry. Before retiring your old smartphone sign up for an account, with this small step your cards are ready to "move" to your new phone. Then all you need to do is to download mobile-pocket on the new smartphone, log into the app and the Christmas miracle is done: all your cards are here.


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