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mobile-pocket as a Widget

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With the iOS update you can show mobile-pocket to your iPhone start screen and access your loyalty cards with their offers even faster.

With the widget of iOS 14 you can bring the functionalities of your favorite apps directly to your home screen. And which is the must-have app on your start screen? mobile-pocket, of course! We have created many widget variations for you. And this means, you’ve never accessed your favorite loyalty cards this fast!

mobile-pocket widget on home screen 

Do you want to access your favorite loyalty cards on your iPhone’s home screen? Then follow these steps:

  • Long press on the home screen on a widget or on somewhere on the screen, until the app stars moving.
  • Tap on  the “+” icon at the top left side
  • Choose mobile-pocket and tap on “add widget”
  • Tap on “done” on the top right side- and there you have our widget!

3 widget variations

We have created three different widget variations for you. If you keep on pressing on the mobile-pocket widget, you can access the quick menu. Now you can modify and chose the widget:

  1. you can chose to display the mobile-pocket widget and your favorite cards as a square 
  2. as a rectangle you can see three of your favorite cards on the home screen
  3. with the third type of widget you save yourself one click, as you can see the barcode or QR code of your favorite card (if available) displayed directly in the widget. It’s super handy, right?

Mobile-pocket widget of „today“ view

If you are more familiar with the “today” view of your iPhone than the home screen you can add the mobile-pocket widget there as well. The steps to follow are the same ones as for the home screen.

Light or dark- you decide

mobile-pocket is now available in dark mode. Now you can’t make up your mind which mode you want to use, well you’ll have to decide between light and dark. But whatever you go for, you will still have your favorite cards at hand quickly.


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