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mobile-pocket is now available in dark mode


If dark is your favorite mode, we have news for you: mobile-pocket is now available in dark mode. Light or dark mode, you decide!

Because we love dark mode

Does dark more really reduces battery drain or strain your eyes less? To be honest we've introduced it just because it looks cool. Our users wanted mobile-pocket to be available in dark mode and what should we say? Your wish is our command! Now you can’t make up your mind which mode you want to use, well you’ll have to decide between light and dark.

Main thing: mobile-pocket

However, shall we tell you a secret? It doesn’t really matter, actually, because you still have all your favorite loyalty cards and relative offers at hand as usual, no matter if you use the light or the dark mode.

With the current iOS update mobile-pocket is now available as widget.
Learn more about the new mobile-pocket widget.



This is how mobile-pocket looks in dark mode

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